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About ChickGCE project

The chicken germ cell EST project was initiated to provide a resource to elucidate germ cell development at the transcripts level. It is a collaborative effort of Avicore Biotechnology Institute Inc and Division of Animal Genetic Engineering, SNU. The data process, web interface, database and tools were processed and conducted by Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Population Genetics, SNU to facilitate understanding of germ cell development in chicken.



Heebal Kim, Dajeong Lim, Beom Ku Han, Samsun Sung, Mina Jeon, Sunjin Moon, Yeonkyung Kang, Jungrye Nam and Jae Yong Han. ChickGCE: A novel germ cell EST database for studying the early developmental stage in chickens. 2006. Genomics 252-257 (SCI IF:3.181)


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